Starfish Group

cUttle fish black ink sauce

Packaging: ready sauce glass jar recyclable

Product code :


net weight gr: 200

drained weight gr: no

pieces per package: 12



The really dark color, gives to the dish an unconventional appearance, certainly in contrast with the colors of the modern kitchen.
Spaghetti with cuttle- fish black ink sauce are a real exquisiteness of Sicilian cuisine, very appreciated by those who love the sea and its fruits.
The simplicity of this creation reflects the poverty of the ancient Sicilian culinary tradition, famous worldwide for its creativity and tasty dishes.
The usage of the black ink contained in the bag of cattle fish expertly mixed with a flavorful sauce gives rise to a dish with a unique taste.


60 % Tomato sauce,30% cuttlefish,10 % sunflower oil,red pepper, parsley, white wine, onion, sugar, salt .

Nutritional values, per 100 grams of product

kcal 86 - kj 360 - Fats 5.50 g of which saturates 1,54 g - Carbohydrates 4,52 g of which sugars 2,10 g - Proteins 4,60 g - Salt 1,20 g .  


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