Starfish Group

Starfish is a new Italian brand created to satisfy the growing international demand of the Sicilian traditional fish-canned products such as: Salted Anchovies, Anchovies fillets in olive oil, Alalunga fillets in olive oil, Tuna fillets, Mackerel fillets, Pate', sauces and condiments.
Founded in 2014 by professional fisherman Gaetano Sardina, collaborator of "Serio Soccorsa Company", and by Gabriele Terravecchia marketing expert.

Starfish represents in modern key over 40 years of traditions of the famous historic brand "Marca Venezia".

The company is based in Aspra, an antique fisherman village, between the Gulf of Palermo and Capo Mongerbino. Quality and traceability of the best local fish are guaranteed by the hand made working process of the local expert workers.

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