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READY MADE sardines sauce

Packaging: glass jar recyclable

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net weight gr: 200

drained weight gr: no

pieces per package: 12



Classic dish from Sicilian- Arabic cuisine is characterized by a sweet and sour flavour.
 From March to September is the perfect period to find fresh sardines in the market and to collect wild fennel from the fields to make a traditional Sicilian dish.

Pasta with sardines has a legendary origins. It’s said that the chef of the Arab general Eufemio, once landed in Sicily to conquest the island, was forced to feed military troops and  because of the lack of ingredients, he mixed together what the land could offer : sardines, wild fennels, pine nuts, raisins and saffron.
Over the years, like many Mediterranean dishes, this recipe became a symbol of a tasty dish made with few and poor ingredients.

Often, in Palermo, locals change the traditional recipe using Alaccia-fish, also called  “Real Sardines” , since the Alaccia's meat is lighter and more delicate than the usual sardines.



50% tomato pulp, 30% sardines, fennel 10%, 10% (extra virgin olive oil, raisins, pine nuts, anchovies, salt).

Nutritional values, per 100 grams of product

kcal 60 - 264 kj - Fats 3.68 g of which saturates 0.52 g - 3.74 g Carbohydrates of which sugars 1,90 g - 3.75 g Protein - Salt 1,15 g.

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